Risk management

Risk management


At MPS Partnerships we support safe practice in medicine and our solutions offer tangible benefits to organisations; helping reduce both costs and achieving improved outcomes for patients and employees. Whatever the problems, our experience means we’ll have a solution to help protect your organisation’s reputation and promoting business growth.

MPS Partnerships offers risk management through a range of options which could include:


Our virtual workshops provide professional development and guidance for your organisation to master communication and risk management through a series of short presentations, reflective exercises and small group facilitated discussions.


Our workshops provide doctors or dentists with skills to combat the common causes of complaints and claims, developed through our 130 years' experience of supporting members. Our specially trained facilitators are all experienced clinicians who understand your profession.

Each virtual 2 hour interactive workshop involves a mix of short lectures, videos, reflective exercises, group-facilitated discussions and small group rehearsal of skills. Participants are able to share experience and pool knowledge, enabling critical comparison of their skills with their peers to enhance learning.

We have a number of 2 hour workshops in the following categories:

  • Clinical risk management
  • Communications and interpersonal skills

Cognitive Institute

We also offer access to Cognitive Institute. Cognitive Institute partners with healthcare providers globally to share our Knowhow - knowledge, insights and experience to equip leaders and their teams with non-technical skills, to practise safer, more reliable and kinder healthcare.
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Our organisation-wide programmes can help you:

  • Improve accountability and professionalism
  • Develop your clinical leaders
  • Develop a safer and reliable culture at your organisation
  • Improve clinical wellbeing
  • Improve communication skills in challenging situations
  • Mitigate risk
  • Reduce waste
  • Retain high quality employees

Our individual courses can help with the following:

  • Building clinical leadership
  • Colleague interactions
  • Individual improvement
  • Open disclosure
  • Patient communication
  • Performance and professionalism

To find out how we can support you, arrange a call with a client manager: