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KnowHow that drives success for private healthcare organisations to practise safer, more reliable and kinder healthcare.

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Developed and delivered by Cognitive Institute’s global network of recognised expert educators, our webinars offer an introduction to our KnowHow – knowledge, insights and experience. Our webinars also offer an introduction to our multimodal risk management interventions that support private healthcare organisations to deliver exceptional patient care, and in turn, business performance.

culturally safe places

Safe places - is your organisation as safe as you think?

Establishing a culturally safe environment for patients, their families, and health workers is critical for the provision of safe and equitable healthcare. To remove barriers to the provision of inclusive care, leaders in healthcare can learn how to reflect, understand, and question their own culture, values, and practices, and to turn that lens on the organisation they lead.

How leaders create hope

With the pandemic heading into its third year, it has taken its toll on the wellbeing of healthcare workers – and continues to interrupt lives and impact livelihoods. Many healthcare professionals feel a sense of hopelessness, with no respite from the demands on their work. As leaders in healthcare responsible for building resilient teams, our actions make a difference and can accelerate the restoration of hope.

leader through hoper

Creating Value Through High-Quality Care in the Private Sector

Cognitive Institute Medical Director, Dr Clare Morgan, and Cognitive Institute International Education Consultant Dr Mark O’Brien, consider how the disruption of ‘business as usual’ in government funded and/or delivered healthcare systems across the world caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has shone a spotlight on the role a vibrant, efficient and safe private sector can play in addressing the surge in patient needs. Together, they explore how the private sector can position itself to grow and prosper through a strong commitment to quality and efficiency.

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