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KnowHow that drives success for private healthcare organisations to practise safer, more reliable and kinder healthcare.

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Developed and delivered by Cognitive Institute’s global network of recognised expert educators, our webinars offer an introduction to our KnowHow – knowledge, insights and experience. Our webinars also offer an introduction to our multimodal risk management interventions that support private healthcare organisations to deliver exceptional patient care, and in turn, business performance.

covid sustainability self webinar

Looking After Yourself – Self-care Through COVID-19

This webinar shares practical and evidence-based strategies for sustaining physical and mental wellbeing now and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Presenters Dr Lynne McKinlay and Dr Justin Cheng will look at how to face the understandable anxiety and fear that working on the frontline induces and address the need to find anchors of certainty in a sea of chaos.

Clinical Team Performance Through COVID-19

We know that clinical leads need supporting during these unprecedented times, so we’ve developed a range of strategies to help leaders care for their teams. In the webinar, Dr Lynne McKinlay and Dr Justin Cheng present a new practical briefing and debriefing tool, RAPIDCheck™ – a simple five step model your leaders can use to ensure staff are aware of, understand, and are coping with the rapid changes around them.

covid sustainability team webinar

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