Could simple civility


and reduce medicolegal risk?

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If you’re a business or clinical leader, we’d like to invite you to our latest one-hour webinar, led by Dr Lynne McKinlay, Senior Medical Educator, Cognitive Institute.

Dr McKinlay will examine how a climate of simple civility in the workplace:

  • Has a powerful impact on staff engagement
  • Increases team collaboration
  • Reduces error and medicolegal risk
  • Improves patient safety and organisational performance.

A study by KATZ 2019 into operating theatre culture concluded incivility has a negative impact on performance. Findings from the 2020 Paterson Inquiry report stress the importance of a speaking up culture.

This free topical webinar will look at current research and global movements that assert ‘civility creates safety’, sharing practical tips to create a culture of civility in healthcare organisations. 


Meet the presenter

Dr Lynne McKinlay

Dr Lynne McKinlay is Senior Medical Educator for Cognitive Institute.

She has specialist qualifications in paediatrics, rehabilitation medicine and medical administration. In addition to her work for Cognitive Institute, Dr McKinlay works as Medical Director, Learning and Workforce, at Children’s Health Queensland, Australia. 

She has a special interest in clinician wellbeing and her research draws on her training with Dr Tait Shanafelt at the Stanford Medicine WellMD Center.

Dr McKinlay’s education role includes conducting workshops to assist healthcare workers with communication and other non-technical skills, improving safety and reliability, building resilience and avoiding burnout, and leadership. She also conducts one-on-one intensive education and training with clinicians.

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